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Literary Web Game | 8 People | Producer

This page features visual assets produced by artist and animator Verónica "glitteronin" Cárdenas.

You can find more of their work at


Creative Producer


I helped kickstart a tabletop-inspired science-fantasy web game known as "Hyper Epic." The storyline, dictated by consumer participation, was primarily portrayed through text, cutscenes and music on multimedia platforms. 


March 2019-February 2021


Science-Fantasy Series


Web (Multimedia)


Facilitating a Shared Vision

Hyper Epic's team primarily operated through long-distance communications and differing time zones. As such, one of our biggest roadblocks came in the form of whether or not we were all on the same page - this was made none the easier by the project's distinctive visual and auditory flair, which proved rather complex to convey with words alone.

As the Creative Producer, it was my responsibility to foster communication, convey ideas and ensure that everyone was working toward a common goal. In doing so, I guided our combined efforts into servicing a cohesive end result. With my varied experience in facets of game production, I found myself circulating and conveying concepts and ideas to the different members of the team utilizing in-depth notes and artistic communication.

Production Mapping

I led efforts throughout a year-long preproduction process as well as a year-long production process, delegating and prioritizing tasks and action items utilizing Agile methodology. Most operations were plotted through Trello and communicated to team members via online services. After its initial opening, I would encourage overall productivity with monthly milestones and scheduled sprints / meetings. 

My greatest struggle involved managing expectations within a team composed of volunteers - through this process I learned to strike a balance between bolstering team spirits and fostering productivity. 


Building a Community

Hyper Epic, as an experimental game in a niche format, had a lot of ground to cover when it came to exposure. To combat this reality, I ensured that the team planted seeds of interest within online communities as soon as development started.

As the development process continued, I made sure to designate some of our assets to be used for marketing materials. I guided advertising efforts, organizing the production and use of media to gain a following. Lastly, I organized online social spaces on various platforms (such as DiscordApp) to foster a thriving audience. My efforts accumulated over 70,000+ interactions with our various social media pages.

I would later recruit a volunteer to serve as the Community Manager so that I could better focus my efforts onto the game itself.

Team Support

Alongside project management responsibilities, I actively assisted my team's efforts. If someone was struggling with a task that needed to be finished, I would cooperate with them whenever able.

Given the nature of Hyper Epic as a volunteer project, there were moments where our available workforce was unable to complete certain tasks due to external obligations. I took it upon myself to put in the extra hours necessary to ensure that every task completed and on-time. In doing so, I ensured a satisfied consumer base, keeping the project and its developments on-schedule.

Most of my supporting contributions were creative by nature:

  • Writing & Narration

  • Computer Graphics & Assets

  • Original Soundtrack Composition

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